School ERP Solution (Ganpati Education)

“GANPATI EDUCATION” School ERP is best software for Primary School, CBSE Schools, ICSE Schools, UP Board Schools, Colleges, Degree College, Engineering Colleges, management Colleges, medical Colleges, best software for college in india.
“GANPATI EDUCATION” – is Complete School / College Management software for all type of educational institutes (Colleges, CBSE School / ICSE School/ UP Board School/ Any Other Board). The Software is designed and developed keeping in view the requirement and comfort of School Management body as well as operators and users of this software. The software is well equipped with security and data validating features.
The Power of this software lies in its easy to use approach and user friendly atmosphere. This software makes your working smooth while saving about 80% of manual work, paper less Management.
Ganpati Education Has Different Modules:
• Student Module : Its helps you to manage admission & registration records It lets you to facility to import & export the registration records with Ms-Excel. In this module, Students related activities such as form receive, registration, admission, attendance, and allocation of hostel/conveyance, issue of certificates, transfer of class & section and family information efficiently managed. Data is processed only once and instantly available in all the customizable reports.

  • Student Registration with Detail Information
  • Student Parmotions

• Fee Management Module : This Module Is Created Specifically To Speedup & Atomize The Work Of Fee Collection And Receipt Generation With The Aim To Minimize The Human Error Which Occurs Mainly At Receipt Counter. Fee module enables to maintain fee receipts and outstanding amounts of student. It’s automatically Show the whole recored for particular students fee reports can be generated for different months. Fee collection program can be customized according to school´s rule & regulations. Fee Vouchers are generated in Slip format. Conveyance fee is also integrated with this module so that it can be charged automatically from students. It Has Many Type Of Report Generation Facility Like :

  • Student Short Detail Information (Use Student ID only)
  • Fee Receipt, Privious Fee Details, Due Fee Details, Pre Due Free Deatils, Balence Details, Pre Balence Details
  • Fee Head Wise Setting
  • Concession for Students (CGPO, 2nd Child, 3rd Child, Admin Concession, Head wise)
  • Optional Fees (Monthely, Quaterly, Half Yearly, Yearly)
  • Fee Deposite (Monthely, Quaterly, Half Yearly, Yearly) with automatically concession
  • Fee Deposite Type (Cash in Hand, Bank Transfer, Cheque Number, Optional)
  • Transport Fee (Rang wise, Km Wise, Fix )
  • Librery Fine (Day Wise)

•Time Table Management Module : This Module Is Used To Create A Time Table According To A Particular Class Group. It Helps To Add, Edit, Delete And Search Time-Table Of A Particular Class Group. There Is Also Facility To Print The Time Table Which Shows The No of Periods And Timing of Periods For A Particular Day in a Week. It Can Be Used By Teachers To Find out Which Periods He/She Has To Take on A Particular Day. In This module one additional feature that is if a Teacher not present in Particular Day then for all period of that teacher Could be adjusted by any free teacher.

  • Class Wise Time Table Printing
  • Teacher Wise Time Table Printing

• CCE Report Card (Mark Sheet) based on CBSE Prescribed Format : This Module Provides as you might be aware that Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released new guidelines for evaluation of the students for secondary classes. We are migrating/updating to the prescribed formats with minimal efforts, by using our CCE Report Card Software. CCE Report Card Preparation Module of “GANPATI EDUCATION” enables schools in comprehensive and continuous evaluation of students by providing various analysis reports, some of which are:

  • According to Latest CBSE CCE pattern
  • No need for teachers to maintain separate student file
  • Saves teachers time by 80% and teachers workload reduces by 95%
  • No calculations required i.e. percentile, FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4, SA1+SA2 etc. All calculations are done automatically.
  • Automatic report card generation
  • Multiple observations in FA´s and Skills possible i.e. Debate and Speech in FA3 and
  • Multiple descriptive indicators shall be automatically converted to single grade

• Transport Management Module : This Module Provides The Facility To Manage School Transportation Records. With The Help Of This Module We Can Manage Route Wise / Vehicle Wise / Student Wise All Corresponding Records Like how many Vehicle in particular Route, how many students in particular Vehicle and how many Destination in particular Route and Transportation Fee for particular Destination. With this module, it assigns the stoppage according to route. It gives view of route wise stoppage. It provides collection report based on route and stoppage for different months.
• Library Management Module : Library module is a fully functional library management tool loaded with detailed options for entering the information about the books. Issues and returns are also managed without any user intervention. The entire operator needs is to input the details of the book to the name of the student to whom the book was issued. Moreover, the system also supports definition of a library fine policy so that the books returned late are fined according to the policies in control of a higher authority. This Module helps you to tracking the Books /Magazine information like total numbers of the copy for a particular Books/Magazine with publisher, location and Author wise. All Books/Magazines present or not in Library, if not then To whom it has been issued and a period for issued, if period is over then receiving with late fee and also Report like total Fee collection from Library, Purchase Register, Item Ledger for a day, month, year and between two dates

  • Issue Register, Return Register, Late Fee, Stock In Hand, Book Location
  • Book Tracking, Book Register, Purchase Register

• Hostel Module : Hostel is indispensable part of every school. “SMS” provides appropriate facilities to manage the hostel infrastructure of any school. The module has to report the room creation, bed available and fee payment management. The Hostel module is also integrated into the fee structure and accounts so that the hostel charges are automatically charged from the students. This module lets you to keep records of hostel, allocation of room / bed to the student, fee structure settings for hostel and many other details, which would enable administrator to arrange hostel efficiently

  • Pocket Money Management
  • Student Ledger
  • Fee Deposite (Monthely, Quaterly, Half Yearly, Yearly) with automatically concession
  • Fee Deposite Type (Cash in Hand, Bank Transfer, Cheque Number)
  • Student Short Detail Information (Use Student ID only)
  • Fee Receipt, Privious Fee Details, Due Fee Details, Pre Due Free Deatils, Balence Details, Pre Balence Details

• Employee Details With Payroll: A fully functional payroll management system is integrated into the software ease to burden on HR department. The payroll module is fully compliant with the rules as laid down by law. Various calculation parameters and the allowances are also configurable as per the user requirements. The payroll module is capable of calculating the working days, payable amount, deductions etc. Various reports are also available to assist the management in calculating the expanses on salary as well as reports needed for departmental processes like PF forms/Challans etc.

  • Every Non-Teaching/Teaching Staff Attendance
  • CL, PL , ML, EL, PF, Summer/Winter etc.
  • Employee Details With All Valuable Verification