Employee Max+


JSN Infotech is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing HR and payroll systems, so you can leverage time and attendance data for fast, accurate payroll processing.


Working with current system is quite tedious, complicated and time consuming task. It may lead errors .certain operations such as surfing searching, adding, removing, entries cannot be done efficiently. Maintaining different registers for various activities such as storing and searching data which is tedious and time consuming task. Generating reports, bills are much tedious task with new system.


Price of the entire Payroll system is negotiable. There is no any extra and hidden charges with the entire project.


  • Automatic attendence with instant message.
  • Attendence control by smart card both.
  • Employee report (Daily wise and month wise).
  • Multiple branch control in single system.
  • Dynamic CRM.
  • Total punching daily.
  • Late and abscent message control (all message through the mobile owner of the company).
  • Every 200 employee/staff we provide one machine.